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Monday, May 4, 2015

"What I discovered about Selenium Supplements"

I started supplementing selenium when diagnosed with fibrocystic breast disease, and the selenium was the cure.  It might be more accurate to say that the disease was a deficiency of selenium. Rather inadvertently I discovered that selenium dramatically improved carpal tunnel as well.  The brand of Selenium I was taking was Life Extension and the form of selenium was two forms:
Se-methyl L-selenocysteine and L-selenomethionine.  It was combined with Vitamin E.

When I ran out I got a different brand and took those for a couple months or more, but noticed the carpal tunnel symptoms were  back slightly.  I no longer have that bottle so I don't know what form it was but it did not have Vitamin E. 

I recently went back to the original brand and type and have seen fairly noticeable improvement in carpal tunnel in about a week or ten days.  I can't say for sure why, but if you want my recommendation, I'd suggest Life Extension brand with the two forms of selenium and Vitamin E. 

On the same note, there is a lot of really worthless fish oil capsules on the market.  For the purists, you might want to try Vital Choice Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Oil, look it up on Amazon and read the reviews.  I have not tried it.  A little spendy for me.  I use Carlson's brand Norwegian Salmon oil.  OK, it's not straight salmon oil.  Their salmon is farmed.  But the quality is good, there is benefit from their product and it's affordable to me.  I have tried many brands over the years and many are a waste of money.  Real Omega 3's are actually effective at reducing inflammation and so reduce pain. Better than aspirin. Carlson's delivers and I choose not to be a purist on this item.

I'd like to hear from any of you who have tried good or bad supplements.  

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