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Monday, October 7, 2013

Two Audio Presentation I highly Recommend

That I'd highly recommend you listen to.  Each is 50-60 minutes and worth your time and attention.
If you have any symptoms off less-than-vibrant good health, if you have any diagnosis, if you have any pain--that is your body telling you it's inflamed.  The medical industrial complex can help mask symptoms (medications for pain or to lower blood pressure, or to ease your breathing or depression or brittle bones or insulin problems).  But alleviating symptoms doesn't address the underlying cause that starts the disease processes.  The symptoms are a message.  We ignore it or suppress it at our peril.  It's like turning off the smoke detector because the noise is annoying.  
 While still not quite totally mainstream, I am delighted to see more experts emphasizing the importance of chronic, low level, silent inflammation in all disease development.  These two presentations are well done, I thought they were pretty interesting (see what you think) and explain much!  The first is by Dr. Tom O'Bryan on Oct 6 , and the second is by Dr.  Lori Shemek on Oct 7 at this link:

I believe these will only be available for a few more days at this sight.