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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Have you gotten the "NEWS"--high fat diets cause Diabetes?

Apparently the media is in "hype" mode to get the results of a particular study out there.  Here's where you can find the abstract of the study:

We ought to be careful whenever the mainstream media tells us about research.  They have an agenda.  It is to sell newspapers or magazines or whatever they're pushing.  So when this study is actually dissected, it turns out that the high fat diet (IN MICE, not humans) was (fat at 58% of calories) 7%  soy bean oil (ugh) and 93% was hydrogenated coconut oil (what????)  Oh, and by the way, 25% of their calories was table sugar.  This is not a diet that can tell us anything about health or wellness.

For the full dissection, Denise Minger covers it all here:

Denise Minger is one of the scientists who dissected the data used in the China study, the book by that name claimed some junk that Denise showed was not in the data but the authors belief system.

Be careful believing what you read.  Including even this.

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