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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Elder's Birthright

Ok, this seems to be a theme this week, and more power to us!  Update on Diana Nyad, who swam 29 hours but called off her swim due to winds and currents.  see the article here.  But here the interesting part...
Before the swim, Nyad told journalists she hopes her swim will inspire others her age to live active lives.

And here's another news article this morning.  98 year old Keiko Fukuda has become the first woman to acheive the tenth degree black belt in judo.  see the article here

Next time you catch yourself thinking or feeling "I'm too old for this," remember you're not!  Take a look at the things in your diet and life that age you, make you tired, hurt and ill.  Growing old is what everyone does; growing old with vigor is what is possible! 

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