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Sunday, May 22, 2011

How do you want to spend your last years?

In a diaper and a wheelchair? Or tending to your animals, garden and loved ones—fully engaged and functional? You DO have a choice.

Too many are laboring under the illuision that bad health events and conditions are just part of aging. Or that bad health 'things' (like heart attacks and cancer) jump out and get certain people, no predicting who or when.

WRONG! Your health and your aging is entirely under your control. You cause it. You can make it get better or get worse. All right, there probably are a few exceptions—but trust me, you’re not it! Actually bad health stuff is extremely predictable!

Some are dealt a better hand, true. But the inalienable, inherent and rock bottom thing about biology is that it is self regulating, self healing—even in the face of horrendous biological damage. You just have to find out how!

If you think you are a victim of your biology, you’re probably not going to like what I say in this blog because I do NOT think you are a victim. You can take control, learn about how your body actually works, stop doing the things that cause damage, quit believing everything that’s force fed to you by media and the medical industrial complex and watch your body be strong, healthy, vigorous and well. On the other hand, if you have issues at this point, let me remind you that you might be unthinkingly enjoying a payoff for hanging on to those issues.

I can say this because I’m looking at my own. I recognize that my arthritis pays off big sometimes. I don’t have to walk miles in strange airports, risk missing a connecting flight, because I get a wheelchair assist. Am I willing to give up that perk if my joints are no longer an issue?

What do you have (the biggies or the little niggling stuff) that gets you any of the following payoffs:
  • sympathy
  • accommodation
  • time off
  • attention
  • excused from things 
It’s uncomfortable to look at those and own any—or maybe all. It takes some introspection and a willingness to take responsibility. When I did, I found a sense of control and confidence I had given up—to the pain, the help, the sympathy. Hey, it’s my responsibility, and it’s my life! What am I (you) going to do with it!

I had a conversation recently with a lady who has had cancer. She plainly stated she does not want to delve into all this health stuff. “It’s too confusing,” she said. “One year they tell us one thing, the next it’s proven wrong and something else is in vogue.”

It depends on who you’re listening to. Main stream media, medicine and those who want your money have an agenda. There are now, however, thousands of blogs, websites, alternatives to those with an agenda. With the availability of studies online, you can actually look at the study set-up and data. If evaluating such things isn’t in your skill set, at least look for the minority reports that are available—because they’re out there. If the internet has done nothing else, it’s allowed the questioning of presumed authorities and conflicts of interest.

So are you a sheep with the conventional wisdom piped directly into your belief system, or are you trying to figure out which people and groups have been lying to you for most of your life? Your life depends on it. Whether you end up in that diaper and wheelchair or something far, far better.

Last time I talked about the lie I was told about how important breakfast is. Breakfast makes me hungrier for the rest of the day. That might not be true for everyone, but it certainly is for me. See this youtube video for an explanation:

Want some help figuring out what's real in the health world?  Stay turned, tell your loved one, too and see also



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  1. I love your posts Ellie, keep them coming. I am definitely not a sheep. I have lost 80 lbs over 3 different occastions, and each time I lost the chronic pain that makes my life difficult. Sadly, I fell back into the ingrained habits, and I have to lose it all over again. Your posts are helpful and motivating, and I agree wholeheartedly!