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Thursday, June 2, 2011

About Binges

My thanks to Anne for a guest Post today!

Some people apparently don’t have trouble with binge eating. I do, at least some of the time.
Okay, first let me tell you that Ellie has talked me into not eating wheat, and in fact dropping all grains., Although I haven’t lost weight on a Paleo type diet, I have felt markedly better and have had more energy, and even maybe an indication that some weight might eventually drop off.
I’m not sure exactly what happened between my ears, but I started with a popcorn binge. I’ve learned enough to avoid canola oil, so it was ‘organic’ popcorn and probably less bad for me than others. And I put the butter on rather than buying the stuff that has “some artificial flavoring.”
I’ve gotten pretty sensitive and while the popcorn didn’t affect my breathing nearly as much as wheat did, I wasn’t breathing quite as freely as I do without it.
Then something else kicked in… some sort of notion that I wanted a cookie. Sigh.
Again I shopped carefully, but couldn’t find a single cookie that wasn’t loaded with chemicals. I ended up with a bag of oatmeal chocolate chip things that was, again, less bad than some of the others. I could feel  even one cookie, but over several days I ate them all.
Yesterday I felt pretty awful. Headachy, low energy, but I got back on the low carb no grain eating plan that’s been working for me.
Much to my amazement I feel 90 percent better today and know, from experience, that by tomorrow I’ll be almost 100%. I’m amazed because my energy is returning so fast!
Will I even pretend I’m not going to binge again? Heck no – I’d be lying for sure. Will I work to postpone the next binge? Yes. If I binge will I again work to eat only the less bad foods rather than the others? Yes, because that seems to make me feel less bad.
Am I suggesting binging is okay? No. Emphatically I’m not. But for some of us it happens. What I am suggesting is that while we work to let binging go entirely we can minimize the damage and get back to healthy eating sooner rather than later.
Anne Wayman is a ghostwriter, writing coach and blogs at www.whengrandmother and

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