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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Two Connected Ideas

Two articles have appeared lately that I would recommend to you who care about optimal health and wellness. They are somewhat related, thus I include them here.

The first here tells us that alcohol is carcinogenic. Actually, this is not new information. Scientists have known for many years (perhaps decades) that more alcohol equals more cancer, with some being more prevalent. This is in part a function of how alcohol is metabolized. Short article, take a look!

The second article found here is from the NT Times magazine. It's by Gary Taubes, one of my favorite writers about health and wellness issues. He is the author of "Good Calories, Bad Calories" (mainly a debunking of the cholesterol myth) I have recommended before. He has a new book out called "Why We Get Fat" that's on my list to read.

This article is titled "Is Sugar Toxic". It explains how fructose is metabolized precisely like alcohol, and the ramifications of sugar consumption (table sugar being 50% fructose and HFCS being 55% fructose) and the evidence to back up this toxicity.

It's long, detailed and very good. Because reading it online is rather tedious (going to nine separate webpages) I have put it all in a document for ease of reading. If you want the document, email me and I'll send it.

I talk a lot about inflammation and how it's the beginning of disease processes. The above are two of the things that cause inflammation. Humans are not designed to eat sugar and alcohol. Can we handle an occassional splurge? Yes. But when either or both are combined with multiple high glycemic load foods, every meal, every day, the body is overwhelmed. At what point? No one knows! Is it one piece of bread a day? Is it one beer or one glass of wine with dinner? Is it noodles every night or a bender once a month? No one knows. But it's clear hat these substances are toxic somewhere along the continuum. I recommend the two articles!

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