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Friday, July 22, 2011

Two youtube videos to showcase two critical wellness subjects

The first is about the blind faith in doctors that is part of our culture--click here

and the second is more information about salt.  Click here

If you've followed me for long or read any of my e-books, you know that I've reported that restricting salt has no good evidence behind it.  This doctor explains further why this is not only not effective treatment, but deadly if you don't get enough!


  1. Hmm.. but I am thinking that one can still have too much sodium without restricting it in the diet... I feel terrible after too much salt.. I get headaches, bloat up, and feel out of it. As a therapist, I have seen complications in neurologic conditions with an intake of excess salt
    ( ie carpal tunnel syndrome, or any nerve compression condition)
    So, speaking for myself, I don't restrict my sodium, but am careful with what I ingest.. I love salt on just about everything, but pay a price if I overindulge. So, I think we do have to listen to our bodies.

  2. The idea that MDs are gods predates Marcus Welby... but yes. I want to know why the Carnegies and others are so driven by greed they would do something like this. I also want to know how to change it.

    I ignore most of the advice like lower salt, and sometimes my body wants less salt... and sometimes it wants more... that's what I do.

  3. We should always pay attention to our intuition re our bodies, tho I caution that bodies can tell us lies, too, as in a smoker's body tells them they need a caution and knowledge are part of the picture.

    Re salt, it's important to remember that glucose has exactly the same osmotic qualities as salt and when there are effects, I'd ask the question, "What's the salt on? And how much glucose (sugar) is also getting consumed at the same time?" I'm baffled why the "experts" don't put both salt and sugar in the same category...