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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Diet That Shook Up Tennis!!!

The full Wall Street Journal article is at the below link. 
The article is about the new Wimbledon winner, Novak Djokovic, from Serbia.
Here is a quote:
"But no one would have predicted what has transpired since January. Djokovic's season has gone from good to great to outrageously, impossibly, unrealistically phenomenal. In an age when even small sports achievements can get enormous hype, there's really no superlative to describe what the soon-to-be 24-year-old has done this year."

And what made the difference for this elite athlete?  He discovered his gluten allergy and got off gluten--no wheat!  And went from a pretty good tennis player to the world's best. Can eliminating wheat really make that much difference?  Well, Novak defeated Andy Murry of Great Brittain in the semi finals.  Murray is ranked fourth in the World.  Andy Murray’s diet was in the news earlier this week too (before he got knocked out of Wimbledon). It’s the usual carb-loaded fare many sportsmen and women are advised to eat--and the same level of blood sugar and insulin swamping of the typical American diet.

What elite athletes show us is a microcosm of the larger area of nutrition.  If you want optimal performance (for your life) try an anti-inflammatory diet like your long ago ancestors were adapted for.  Your genetics are the same as theirs.  No, there has been no adaptation in humans for grains and sugars in 10,000  years.  None.  It wrecks havoc.  Elimingating that havoc is most likely why Novak Djokovic beat Nadal and Murray at Wimbledon and has the Wall Street Journal speaking in such over-the-top-superlatives.  What do you suppose it could do your your ability to feel and perform better?

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