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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Drugs in America

We have a split personality in this country about which drugs are "good" and which drugs are "bad." Both kinds are powered by desire for huge financial gains, regardless of the story we've been told. In fact, the motivation and self interest of the corner drug dealer and cartels of Mexico etc, are at least fairly obvious and honest about their self interest. They want your money, want to get users hooked and have no care about long term effects. The motivations of Big Pharma are exactly the same, but they lie about it.

No drug prescribed by a doctor or hospital is without a huge biological price tag--some worse than others. Most are not even as effective a treatment as they've told us. I was apalled to find my mother taking a drug for arythmia, one of the side effects of which is "irregular heartbeat!" WHAT!!!

A powerful and informative article with info you may not know re: drugs can be found here

short version:
or long version:

Worth a look! (Drugs, the Illegality of Healing and Pharmageddon)

For more info about being a smarter health care consumer, see the ebook by the same name available here:

It's an information age! Finding the right information is the trick!

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