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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Not a New Direction For Me, but...

...a more formalized one.  I've been working with people to improve their health issues for along time.  I am more than a Nutritionist--I am a transmitter of information that most have not the time, education nor interest to pursue.  It's readily available if you want to dig.  I've done it for you.  In addition, I am an empirical sort, suggesting experiments for individuals based on the science I know of how your body really works and your personal realities.
All those ugly, painful, low energy things you thought were just part of aging—they’re not!  They are what happens when the delicate balance you were designed for gets out of whack.  And that includes the biggies like cancer, heart disease, arthritis and weight gain!  The good news is it’s a self-healing body—if you give it what it needs and quit giving it what it doesn’t.
Let me mentor you to feeling good, to aging well.  A few simple changes in diet and activities will make a huge difference.  Not that it’s easy—in fact we will set your ideas of nutrition on their heads!  But my clients see results in as little as one or two weeks.  I promise!   Simple interventions that are little or no cost, have no side effects and might do you a world of good.  Email me for help.
How it works:  I ask that you fill out a questionnaire about yourself and what commitment and willingness you will bring to the project and if you're willing to make an investment in yourself and feeling good again. 
Then I will provide intense email or phone mentoring for the first week, slightly less the second week and then coaching and questions answered for as long as you need!   Email me at
Don't forget to check out the free information at

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  1. I met Ellie years ago when she was a trainer at a gym in San Diego - she taught me how to be comfortable in any gym in the world... more recently she's let me first to get off all wheat - which improved my breathing - copd from years and years of smoking. Then she challenged me to go super low carb - which has improved my breathing even more, and, way past menopause I'm actually losing a bit of weight with no particular effort. She's also guiding me in exercise I can actually do at 71 and with breathing difficulties... can't speak highly enough about her.