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Saturday, February 22, 2014

'Anti-Conventional-Wisdom' Doctor's post

I first read Dr. Malcolm Kendrick's book, "The Great Cholesterol Con" several years ago and was impressed.  He was one of (if not) the first debunking the whole cholesterol theory (follow the money).  I now get his posts weekly and am impressed anew.  He is a Scottish doctor and so focuses mostly on the British health care system.  Ours may be even worse in terms of the things he talks about, so his posts are very timely.

Have you heard of the term, polypharmacy?  Well that is his subject today and it bears a lot more scrutiny.  May I recommend you take a look.

Some of the ideas in this blog post by Dr. Kendrick, are the same ones that I discuss in excruciatingly bright light  in my short e-book, "How to Be a Smarter Health Care Consumer" found on my website here: 
An important fact to remember is that all pharmaceuticals are toxic.  Some side effects of the toxic substances are theoretically positive for something, but they are ALL toxic systematically.

Should you want or know someone who wants/needs this information, you can buy it by emailing me, and it can be paid for with paypal.  No cart set up on that page for now.

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