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Monday, July 8, 2013

She says, "No One Really Understands Blood Sugar and Insulin"

She is Dr. Marlene Merritt and she has several YouTube videos that are definitely worth a look.  I'll give you some links below.

How it all works is actually very understandable they way she explains and in short videos too, not the long ones.  But for me, it was nice to hear someone else talk about the role of blood sugar and insulin in chronic inflammation.  Diabetics die of heart disease far more than of anything else, and far more often than non diabetics.    Heart Disease in an inflammatory disease.  But then so are most (or all) of the diseases of civilization.  Want to have an active functional life after 50 or 60 or 70?  Keep blood sugar low.  Repair insulin resistance.  Get your chronic inflammation gone.  Want to know more about how?  Watch these three videos, it's a good start.  Read my booklet, "Inflammation Run Amok" at but start now to repair the damage you've already done and insure good years ahead.

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