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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wellness and Sustainability Topics Hodgepodge

I’ve been saving up some articles and videos that are more or less related to issues of wellness that I care about (and I include us and the earth too, in that wellness); perhaps you do, too.  These subjects are all over the place but boil down to the same basic subject—sustainable health and wellness for humans and the environment. 

First up is information from a new study that reminds us that alcohol is a carcinogen and (duh) causes cancer.  Wine, beer, hard liquor—even in small amounts raises the risk of cancer.  Let me also remind you that it adds empty calories of no nutritional benefit.

Second, is a blog post by someone I respect greatly, poking (more) holes in the saturated fat BS hypothesis and the “eat more antioxidants” recommendation.  It is a lengthy post, but worth a read.

Number three today is a 4 minute video by the doctor who developed The South Beach Diet.  Some of it is more interesting than all of it, but pay attention to his comments about gluten, asthma, ear infections, and allergies. Practically main stream, lol…

Dan Barber is an executive chef who talks about a different kind of food production.  He is also very entertaining.  Barber’s farm-based restaurant also teaches eaters what they’re eating.  Watch either or both of the following Ted talks about sustainability and TASTE!

And another Ted talk.  This one might turn your ideas on their heads!  It is more about sustainability for the whole planet (desertification and climate change) and one of the strongest arguments I’ve seen against being a vegetarian. 

And last today if you have time to watch an entire movie about wellness and such, Here’s the link to STATIN NATION: The Great Cholesterol Cover-Up.  Should you be unaware of the real cholesterol story this will set you straight…


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